Dyofix Pond Black – colour 30.000 liter water


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W: 10 cm
H: 19 cm

Are you tired of algae in your garden basin? Then help is on its way!

The trick is to prevent light from penetrating the water’s surface, and you can this with help from this patented product called Dyofix.

It is a liquid or a powder that is added to the water to colour it black. This also means that you will have the best looking water surface possible. And if your water basin is rusty, it will appear black.

It is important for me to mention that the product is harmless for both humans and animals, just as fish are not harmed by it either. On the contrary, it protects the fish as it becomes difficult for birds and cats to see them in the water.

And plants that have leaves in or above the water’s surface – like for example water lilies – are not affected.

Please note that the liquid is highly concentrated and that it may stain hands and clothes. It is therefore advisable to wear gloves when handling the product.

The package contains 10 saches with 100 grams of powder in each. 100 g is enough for 3.000 litres of water. The sachet is water soluble and can be added directly into your basin, where it will dissolve and the powder will be released.

For smaller basins I recommend that you dissolve one sachet in three litres of water. One decilitre of this solution will colour 100 litres of water.

The colour lasts for a couple of months, after which more dye must be added gradually. Not, however, as much as the first time. I do it by eye …

The dye contains the following:
E102 Tartrazine, E129 Allura Red, E133 Brilliant Blue and water.

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