Pond Black Liquid – 300 ml



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W: 10 cm H: 2 cm
L: 19 cm – 300 ml

Throughout the years, people have often asked me what they could do to improved the reflection in their water mirrors, particularly where rusty water mirrors were concerned. Up until now I have suggested painting them, but now I have found a product, which instead dyes the water.

The advantage is both that the actual water mirror becomes more reflective and also that the growth of algae and other unwanted weeds is minimised, as the colour absorbs daylight. But plants that have their leaves on or above the water’s surface – like for example water lilies – are not affected by the colour.

It is important for me to mention that the product is harmless for both humans and animals, just as fish are not harmed by it either. On the contrary, it protects the fish as it becomes difficult for birds and cats to see them in the water.

Please note that the liquid is highly concentrated and that it may stain hands and clothes. It is therefore advisable to wear gloves when handling the product.

The bottle contains 300 ml, which is enough to dye 1.000 litres of water. It is simple and easy to use a standard measuring spoon to measure out the correct dosage. 1 tablespoon contains 15 ml, which means that it dyes 50 litres of water.

The colour lasts for a couple of months, after which more dye must be added gradually. Not, however, as much as the first time. I do it by eye …