Claus Dalby Hand hoe with ergonomic handle L: 41 cm


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L: 41 cm

I am very fond of quality and like to acquire things that can withstand years of wear and tear. And that is exactly what the garden tools from the Dutch company DeWit can. Here you can really talk about genuine craftsmanship made from hardened boron steel, manufactured in the small town Kornhorn in northern Holland. All handles are made from Dutch ash.

My enthusiasm for the tools from DeWit further increased, when I was introduced to the tools with ergonomic handles, and I am now sole distributor of these tools in Denmark.

The tools are particularly brilliant if you have problems with your hands, elbows, or shoulders. This is what The Danish Rheumatism Society says about them:

‘We have tested DeWit’s garden tools in our reference group here in The Danish Rheumatism Society, where they have been approved. It is the length of the handles in particular, and the extra handle at the end, as well as the weight and genuine quality of the materials used that has convinced the reference group that this type of completely unique garden tools will be both a benefit and a joy to e.g. people with arthritis’.

Together with a 3-tine cultivator, a forged hand fork, a heart-shaped push hoe, and the pointy plant trowel, the hoe is an almost indispensable part of the garden tools. The sharp edges and the tip means that the blade moves effortless through the soil. With its comparatively narrow blade, the hoe is easy to use around the plants in the border.

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