Window bird feeder W: 10 cm H: 15,3 cm L: 15 cm


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W: 10 cm
H: 15,3 cm
L: 15 cm

When I sit and write in my office, where there are windows on three sides, I enjoy looking out – not only at the garden, but also at the fauna unfolding out there.

On several of the panes I have placed small transparent bird feeders, attached with suction cups. It is really cosy, when the birds flock around them to eat.

In order for the suction cups to stick to the window pane, you must first make sure that the glass is clean and dry. Then you must press the suction cups against the pane one by one, so they have time to stick. If this still does not work, you can try using a few drops of water – this will give the suction cups an extra strong grip.

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