Claus Dalby watering wand – 40 cm


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L: 40 cm

I get asked time and again how I water my containers. Do I have a special secret? Yes, I do! It is not, however, an irrigation system, but a first-rate sturdy water wand from the German company Geka.
There is no better watering wand available on the market. It is easy to handle, and the soft, ample sprays ensure that the water is evenly distributed. The ergonomic rubber handle, which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, and the light execution, makes watering a joy.
Furthermore it is easy to adjust the water flow by simply using your thumb.
The watering wand comes in two lengths – 40 and 80 cm. This is the shorter version.

Fits with Expanding garden hose 5 metres/15 metres, Claus Dalby expanding garden hose 8/25 metres, and Claus Dalby expanding garden hose 16/50 metres