Claus Dalby expanding garden hose 8/25 metres


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L: 8 m/25 m

I have finally found a black garden hose. I have been looking for one throughout my entire gardening career!

This hose was selected ‘Garden Product of the Year’ in Sweden in 2022.

Here you can really talk about a unique garden hose – developed and designed in Sweden – and created based on the idea that it should be both user friendly, well executed, and beautiful to look at.

The brilliant thing about this hose is that it is very light and rather short – just 8 metres – when it is not in use… But once connected to the tap and filled with water, it expands to all of 25 metres.

This is the first time that I have come across an expanding garden hose of such high and durable quality. It is made from latex and covered with a durable textile.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to empty the hose, when you have finished watering. Constant pressure is not good for the hose.

The hose comes complete with a 1/2” connector at both ends.

PLEASE NOTE that the hose is available in a further two lengths

Fits with Claus Dalby watering wand – 40 cm and @50.5453.9

IMPORTANT: Please remember to empty out any remaining water, when you have finished watering, as a constant pressure is not good for the hose.

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