Gravity hurricane for tea lights – metal surface. 1 pcs. Ø: 8 cm H: 14 cm


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Ø: 8 cm
H: 14 cm

Weatherproof hurricane. Works equally well inside and outdoors.

When I first saw this brilliant little tea light hurricane at a German design fair, I was very excited.

Not only because of the stylish and genuine look, but also because the functionality is first-rate. Here you can really talk about a well thought out execution.

The design means that the tea light revolves around its own axis and points upwards, no matter how the hurricane is twisted and turned.

This means that the tea light is easy to light and equally as easy to put out. The holder is simply turned upside down. If the holder is placed outside, this means that the light is completely protected against rain.

The hurricane also comes with a matte black surface. Please see Hurricane for tea light – matte black surface. 1 pcs..

Please note that the holder can also be used hanging, please see @080201.

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