Hanging fire, steel – Ø: 8 cm H: 60 cm


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Ø: 8 cm
H: 60 cm

There is something not only very attractive – but also magic – about an open fire. Flames speak to the primeval man in us!

I am really fascinated by this stylish fire lamp from the German company Höfats, which can be used both indoors and outside.

The stylish and unique design, which lets in air at the bottom of the lamp, creates a flame rotation using convection effect, which makes the flame rise and boosts it with 500 %.

The lamp consists of a metal mount, a cup for the bioethanol, a glass pipe (made from borosilicate glass) and an extinguisher lid that puts out the fire in a matter of seconds.

The fuel is Höfats bioethanol, which is a viscous burning gel. Please note that the lamp only works with this bioethanol, please see Bioethanol gel. 1 litre. This ensures a clean flame, which is completely soot and odour free.

The cup holds 250 ml of Höfats bioethanol with a burn time of 60 minutes. Then the cup has to be refilled. Here it is handy with an extra cup, see Refill cup – 250 ml – for 40 cm heigh table fire, as it is important that the cup is cold, when it is filled with bioethanol.

When the cup’s content has burnt down two or three times, it is recommended to wash the cup to clean it off the black residues that cling to the inside. This is easily done in a dishwasher.

The fire lamp also radiates warmth – up to 1200 watts. For an even more warming effect, Table fire, steel – is recommended, as it produces up to 2500 watts.

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