Cylindrical solar panel lantern, petrol Ø: 18 cm


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Ø: 18 cm H: 33 cm

The lanterns are made from a durable, water resistant and 100 % sustainable material – Tyvek. This means that the lanterns can hang outside in all kinds of weather. But I must admit that I take mine inside, if it begins to rain or if there is a strong wind blowing. Instead I hang them them in the greenhouse, where they light up beautifully, when the sun goes down.

It is pure magic, when at dusk, the lamps light one by one. Throughout the day, the solar panel at the top of the lantern absorbs energy from the suns rays and stores this energy in a rechargeable AAA-battery. At night the lanterns light automatically and they also switch off when there is no more power in the battery.

It is during summer, when the sun is high in the sky that the lanterns will stay lit for the longest time. Then the lanterns can easily stay lit for seven to eight hours, if they hang in a sunny spot during the day.

Even on a cloudy day, it is – particularly during the summer months – possible for the solar panel to charge. But here you have to expect that the lanterns do not stay lit for as long. The same applies during winter when the sun is low in the sky.