Rechargeable LED lamp with bluetooth speaker Ø: 18 cm H: 21 cm


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Ø: 18 cm
H: 21 cm
IP: IP44
Watt: 5W SOUND

Rechargable LED lamp with bluetooth speaker Ø: 18 cm H: 21 cm

I am very impressed with this rechargeable LED lamp, which is combined with an IP44 bluetooth speaker (approved for outdoor use) of an exceptionally good quality and with an amazing sound. Can be used both outside and indoors.

The lamp is charged via a cable. At one end of the cable there is a mini-USB plug, which is inserted into a port under the lamp.

At the other end is an ordinary USB plug, which should be connected to an adapter (not included); it is just like charging a mobile phone.

After 7 hours the lamp is fully charged and will now stay lit between 5-7 hours with a warm light without being charged. If both lamp and speaker are used at the same time, the brugstiden is 3-4 hours.

Please note that it is possible to use two lamps/speakers at the same time.

The lamp is made from impact-resistant plastic.