Claus Dalby Narrow hand hoe, left handed L: 30 cm


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L: 30 cm

I am very fond of good quality and like to acquire things that can withstand years of wear and tear. And this is very much the case with the gardening tools from the Dutch company DeWit.
Here you can really talk about genuine craftsmanship made from hardened boron steel at the company in the small town of Kornhorn in the north of Holland. All shafts are made from Dutch ash.

Let me make one thing clear straight away: This is one of the most brilliant gardening tools that I know, and I use it almost daily throughout the season. It is a small, narrow hand hoe, with a sharp blade. I use it around the plants, while I am down on all fours. The tool serves two purposes: Both to loosen the soil and also to remove minor weeds. Furthermore the tip is very practical, where there is limited space.

Please also check the wide Japanese hand hoe.

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