Claus Dalby Pointy weeding and planting trowel – perfect for stinging nettles and other plants with deep roots L: 32 cm


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L: 32 cm

I am very fond of good quality and like to acquire things that can withstand years of wear and tear. And this is very much the case with the gardening tools from the Dutch company DeWit. Here you can really talk about genuine craftsmanship made from hardened boron steel at the company in the small town of Kornhorn in the north of Holland. All shafts are made from Dutch ash.

A slightly different planting trowel with a semicircular blade. It is particularly well suited for weeding out tap roots like dandelions, and it is also very useful when planting bulbs.
The sharp edges and the snake tongued tip ensures that the blade moves effortlessly through the soil.

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