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Hanataba – large and small


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S Ø: 6,6 cm H: 4,5 cm
L Ø: 4,7 cm H: 4 cm

If you like making bouquets and find managing the spiral technique a bit tricky, then you can read more about the fantastic Hanataba here:

Hanataba is the Japanese word for bouquet, and it is also a nice invention in two sizes that makes it possible to make light and airy spiral bouquets. Nice and simple …

The flower stems are inserted into the holes – work from the centre outwards – and with a simple twist the bouquet gets the most beautiful shape – almost as if by magic!

Included in the set is also a transparent self-adhesive rubber plate for the larger size. I do not use this myself, but it can be practical to use if working with very slender stems such as grasses.

The set is made from aluminium, and it comes with two sizes – a larger Hanataba that holds 19 stems and a smaller one that holds 7.

It is recommended that you hand wash the Hanataba.