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The Woodland Garden

The house was what we fell in love with and then of course it’s location right next to Riis Skov. What I did not know was that I would have every opportunity to¨create a very diverse garden around the house. One of the great advantages is that on the property there are both places with changing sun, dappled shade and shade. This means that it has been possible for me to create very diverse garden rooms.


Next to the forest it seemed obvious to create a woodland garden. One would perhaps think that this is a place almost entirely in shade. But no, here is both morning and evening sun. Fortunately, many plants thrive in these conditions. Out in the sun they would simply not do well. The thing is that many of the plants that I have planted in the woodland garden naturally belong in similar habitats.
From a design point of view the woodland garden differs from the rest of the garden, where I prefer straight lines. Here the style of the English landscape garden with its winding paths is more prevalent. And yet I think that I have managed to make the different rooms merge into one harmonious whole.

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