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The Sunken Garden

When we moved here, there was a swimming pool close to the forest. It must have been a nice spot, when the pool was built approximately thirty years ago, but as the trees grew and began to cast longer shades, this place was no longer ideal for a pool. The water was quite simply so cold that it was no pleasure jumping in.


We therefore agreed at one point to drop the pool and utilise the depression it left behind for a sunken garden room – that was aptly named The Sunken Garden. Cobblestones were chosen as paving, and the room was surrounded by a wide yew hedge and form-cut hornbeams that I ordered from Holland.

All the plants in The Sunken Garden (except from some low yew hedges) are planted in pots so I can move them around. It is a white garden with only white flowers and matching foliage plants. In spring narcissi and tulips play the main part, while dahlias add lushness to the room from high summer and throughout the rest of the season.

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