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The Shade Garden

This garden room lies in the upper part of the garden, right next to the forest, where there is quite a lot of shade. Shade can be several things, of course. Obviously, the forest casts shade, but not in the same way as a solid wall or something like that would.


And during the lighter months, when the sun is high in the sky, the bed gets both morning and evening sun. We have a lot of bulbs in the borders here and they are primarily white or cream coloured. The same goes for the flowering plants in this border. In between dots of yellow can be found.

We do not have that many big trees in the garden, as the forest covers most of our needs, but in the shade garden we planted birches some years ago. Primarily because of their white trunks.

When people heard of my plans, I was warned about how thirsty birches are and about how difficult it would be for us to grow them here. This did not put me off, however, so I planted the trees and have had no problems whatsoever. This is surely due to the fact that our clay soil is fairly water retentive.

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