Timber pillar candle, Turf Green Ø: 8 cm H: 7,5 cm – Burn time 52-75 hours


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Ø: 8 cm
H: 7,5 cm

With the added focus on the health risks from burning candles, I am very conscious of the quality of the candles I use. And here my choice falls on Timber pillar candles made from food-grade paraffin, which is completely free from impurities and with an average sooth percentage of 0,01. The result is not only candles with practically no harmful particles, but also candles with a clear flame (due to the 100 % cotton wick) and very long burn time.

The candles have been tested by the esteemed SGS Laboratory in France, which has certified them as asthma and allergy friendly.

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Please note: To achieve the longest possible burn time, it is important – particularly the first time – to burn the candle all the way to the edge. After that, the edges can be folded in, as the candle burns down.

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