Claus Dalby restaurant lamp, bronzed. Ø: 11 cm. H: 36 cm


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Ø: 11 cm
H: 36 cm

I am certain that some may wonder why I call this lamp a ‘restaurant lamp’. That is due to the fact that today many restaurants use this type of lamp to create a cosy atmosphere.

This genuine, rechargable lamp – made from metal – is so elegant, and I have several of them in different places in the house. It is so handy not to have to worry about a cord.

The lamp has so many uses, and it is both beautiful and practical on the table – both outside and indoors. Also used as a reading lamp or simply used as a cosy light source.

At the top is a touch button, which is used to adjust the light and also to switch the lamp on and off.

The lamp is charged using a cable. At one end of this cable is a mini-USB-connector, which is inserted into a charging port underneath the lamp.

At the opposite end is an ordinary USB-stik, which has to be connected to an adapter (not included); it is exactly like charging a mobile phone.

After 5 hours, the lamp is fully charged and can now stay lit for 8 hours without being charged.

Lifespan expectancy: 25.000 hours.

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