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Small greenhouse with grow light and heat mat – W: 16 cm H: 6 cm L: 36 cm


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B: 16 cm H: 6 cm L: 36 cm

I know that many people experience leggy seedlings, because it is hard to be patient, when the days start to get longer. The plants quite simply get leggy because they do not get enough light.

It is actually very simple: Light and warmth go together. When it begins to get warmer outside, it is because the sun shines and provides lots of light at the same time.

It is very easy to get a nice temperature indoors. We can simply turn up the heating, but in early spring there is too little light. If, for example, you have a temperature of 20-21 degrees indoors and place a mini greenhouse or sowing trays on the windowsill, you will only have success doing so from the end of March. The sun high is not high enough in the sky until then for the natural light to match the indoor temperature.

But … If you want to start early, sowing for example tomatoes and chillies or annual flowers that take a long time to germinate, it is an advantage to get started in February, and then you need grow lights.

And that is exactly what this mini greenhouse offers: An LED grow light panel, which is mounted in the lid, and a heat mat, supplying warmth from below. With a mini greenhouse like this you can sow all year round. Here there are no limitations.

Please note: The grow light panel and the heat mat only use a minimum of electricity. And in order not to ’stress’ the plants, it is a good idea to turn the light off at night. Plants also need sleep!