Self watering germination tray with greenhouse top


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W: 55 cm H: 8 cm L: 25 cm

This system is quite simply genius and very well thought out, and it can be used again and again. Season after season …
The set consists of a watering tray, which is filled halfway up with water. Then a board is covered in a capillary mat and placed over it. The ends of the mat must reach the water in the tray. This ensures a capillary effect, which means that the mat becomes humid.
The seedling starter, which has sixty small cells, is filled with compost and placed on top of the capillary mat. It is important that the compost has contact with the mat, so the water penetrates and moistens the compost.
Then it is time to plant! The small new seedlings are transferred – one by one – to individual cells in the tray and then the greenhouse lid, included in the set, is placed on top. Here it is important to remember to air out from time to time to avoid an overly humid environment. This is done by simply removing the lid for example at night. Please also note that the seedlings should not be exposed to direct sunlight. After two to three weeks the seedlings are large enough to be planted out into their permanent spot or planted on into individual pots. For this there is also a clever detail: The board that was covered with the capillary mat, has sixty small protruding tips on its underside, and when the seedling starter is pushed down over them, the sixty small plants will pop out as nice little plugs with their roots and compost.

I should also remember to mention that it is possible to sow directly into the tray. This works best, however, when using relatively large seeds.

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