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Peat free seed compost, 2,5 litres


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In order to be successful with sowing your own seeds, it is important to use the right compost. It has to be both light and low in nutients, as you otherwise run the risk of the roots being burnt. When it comes to propagation, it is not advicable to use potting compost (because it has too many nutrients) and certainly not garden soil (because it is too heavy.)

Sowing compost is often made from peat. But this has become a scarce resource. This is why this ’compost’ is made from coconut fibres, which derive from coconut shells. This gives a sustainable product.

Optional: Supplementing with perlite.

Perlite is a natural mineral, which is heated to very high temperatures, until it expands and pops and ends up as light, white, and porous beads that look much like styroform beads. I mix it into my sowing compost to make it extra light and airy. Use one third perlite to two thirds of ‘compost’.

The airy cavities created by the perlite helps to drain water from the compost and supply the roots with air.