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Peat free fibre pots Ø: 6 cm, 96 pcs.


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Ø: 6 cm

Fibre plant pots are a good alternative to plastic pots, as they are fully biodegradable. They quite simple dissolve, when they are planted in the ground.

Fibre plant pots are a well known product that through the years have been made from peat. But this has become a scarce resource. This is why these pots have been made using PEFC-certified wood fibre, which gives a sustainable product.

The pots are available in three sizes, and they are brilliant, if you want to grow large and healthy plants in no time. Large and medium sized seeds can be sown in plant plugs, please se below.

When the plant has reached a size of 2-3 cm, it needs to be potted on into a larger pot. Here I use a 6 cm fibre pot. You can also pot on into an 8 cm fibre pot, but the process is sped along by gradually potting on into larger pots.

When the roots begin to grow through the pot after two to three weeks, it is time to pot the plant on. I finish with a 10 cm pot, before I plant out into either a container or a border.