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Peat free compost plugs, 100 pcs.


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Ø: 3,6 cm

Plant plugs are quite simply brilliant for plant propagation.

These are small, compressed pellets which expand, when water is added. In a matter of moments they become five to six times taller. Before you begin to sow or prick out seedlings, the plugs should be left for 10-15 minutes to allow any excess water to drain away.

Plant plugs are a well known product, which for many years has been made from peat. But peat has become a scarce resource. This is why the compost used is made from coconut fibres, deriving from coconut shells. This makes the product sustainable.

I use the plugs for many types of seed propagation. When dealing with medium to large seeds – these can be everything from sweet peas to tomatoes – I place the seeds in the small indentation and cover them. A good rule of thumb says that the seed has to be placed at a depth three times its own size.

When sowing smaller seeds, the plug is turned upside down so the smooth side faces upwards. Sow the seeds, lightly press them into the compost, and perhaps cover them with vermiculite, please see below.

It is important not to let the seeds dry out. The easiest way to avoid this is to place them in a mini greenhouse that minimises the evaporation, please see below.

To get large healthy plants, I suggest repotting gradually into larger pots, please see below.