Claus Dalby Deluxe rose cut and hold secateurs H: 6 cm L: 22 cm


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H: 6 cm
L: 22 cm

These deluxe rose secateurs have a very particular feature. It has a ‘cut and hold’ function that means that finer branches and stems (from for example roses), are held by the secateurs while you cut. This means that you only have to use one hand.

The secateurs are – as implied by the name – perfect for roses. But they can of course be used for other plants too.

It gives you a very special feeling to hold a quality tool in your hands – and this is what we are talking about here. Not only does it makes the job easier to do, it also gives a much bigger joy. And I am also really happy with the discrete green colour.

Please note that it is possible to replace blades and spring. But that will not be necessary for quite a while!

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