The White Border

In this border there are only – perhaps not surprisingly – white flowers. Moreover, there are different foliage plants, which form a lovely backdrop. Even though several of them are quite humble, they are still very important. It can be compared to a bouquet; here some supporting foliage is also needed.

This border is – like the yellow border on the opposite side of the path – long and narrow and most of the plants are repeated throughout like a pattern repeat. Repetition is one of my main principles, and this helps give the borders a natural appearance. In ordinary perennial borders you often see single large groups of perennials. This is the classical method.

The rose arches at the end of the border are connected and placed in such a way that the path hits in between two of the arches. This design was inspired by something I saw in an English garden where I asked permission to take measurements. Permission granted, I had to use my outstretched fingers, as I had no measuring stick. It worked perfectly.

At the end of the path is a little plinth with an urn on, and this is repeated at the other end of the path that leads down towards the road.

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