The Yellow Border

In my garden, I do not use warm yellow flowers, but rather quite a few of the cold yellows as well as cream yellow and moonlight yellow. In the yellow border the yellow colours are not only represented in the flowers, but also in the foliage. There are also quite a few white flowers; they work so well with the yellow.

It is a long and narrow border – 28×3 meters – that could perhaps be the inspiration for someone’s front garden. The border lies parallel to the avenue and is bordered by the beech hedge. It is a border that the visitors in the garden notice, also quite a few of those who do not normally like yellow. I am very fond of these tones myself and am always in the market for plants in this colour scheme.

The soft yellow shade is called primrose in English. It actually means primula and refers to the wild, light yellow cowslip found in nature. If a new plant is mentioned in an English seed or plant catalogue as primrose coloured, I am interested straight away.

Claus Dalby’s Garden club

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