The Border by the Road

This border is at the bottom of the garden towards the road, which means that it is visible to passers-by who are able to follow what happens throughout the season. Especially during spring many look through the fence on their way to the forest.

When we first came here, there were five huge trees in this space, which cast their shade on half of the garden. I did not for one minute doubt that they had to be felled. And once they were cut down, it was as if the garden changed character completely. The morning sun that we had hitherto not seen in the garden, now shone down on both this border and the woodland garden.

In the centre of the border there is a cobbled square with a mirror water basin in. The border is large and therefore paths have been established, finished with metal edgings. The paths are covered with bound gravel. It is a material that arouses visitor’s curiosity. You establish a path in the following way: Begin by digging out approximately 25 cm of soil. Then add gravel to a height that after having been vibrated will be 2-3 cm below ground level. During the process add steel edging bands – 105 mm wide and 5 mm thick.

The edge is hammered into place with a rubber hammer. Finally top up with the bound gravel and vibrate again. The upper edge of the steel bands should be level with the path.

Claus Dalby’s Garden club

As a member of my garden club, you will have the opportunity to visit my garden once a year. You furthermore receive monthly inspiration videos in Danish and will have access to more than 200 videos - - also in Danish - on the website. Finally, you are also invited to lectures that I give, and you get a discount on my Danish books.